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STEP1: Complete the Request for Information Form

Complete the form on this page and a member of our franchise development team will contact you shortly to provide further information on the FLO Grills Franchise opportunity and answer any preliminary questions you may have. This information you provide us will also help us to determine if you meet our minimum qualifications as well as determine if your market and location is available.

STEP 2: Review our Franchise Disclosure Document

Following our representative’s initial conversations with you and an evaluation of the answers you provided us on your initial inquiry, we will provide you a link on how to download a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This is an important document for your review and due diligence as it presents detailed investment information, the history of our company and its officers, fee structures, current locations, and a copy of the FLO Grills Franchise Agreement.

STEP 3: The Franchise Application Process

If, after your review of our FDD and our discussions with you on your specific opportunity, you wish to proceed to formal application for the franchise, our area representative will provide you a link to complete our on-line FLO Grills Franchise Application. Upon our receipt of your completed application, the FLO Grills executive team will work quickly to move through the approval process. During this process, we will remain in close contact.

STEP 4: Meeting with your Area Representative

Near the conclusion of our diligence period in the Franchise Application process, our representative will meet with you to further discuss your specific location, trade area, development timetables, and any other matters specific to your proposed FLO Grills Store that need to be reflected in any Franchise Agreement we may enter.

STEP 5: Franchise Approval and Franchise Agreement Review

Upon our final approval of your FLO Grills Franchise, we will immediately provide you with your Franchise Agreement. Please review the agreement carefully as it defines all of the terms of our new relationship. Your area representative as well as members of our executive team will always be available should any questions arise during this important phase.

STEP 6: Discovery Day at FLO Grills Headquarters

Before executing your franchise agreement, we want you to spend a full day in a FLO Grills Store with our executive team. You’ll be able to see, first hand, what a “day-in-the-life” of a FLO Grills Store owner feels like and meet one-on-one with each key member of our organization. We want you to be confident in the important decision you’re about to make and meet the partners that will walk with you in this new endeavor. Be sure to bring your Franchise Agreement with you for any last minute review with the team.

STEP 7: Execute your FLO Grills Franchise Agreement

You and your business partners sign the Franchise Agreement that you’ve been provided and pay your one-time initial franchise fee. Welcome to FLO Grills! Now the hard work begins.

STEP 8: Execute your premises lease.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to tie up your store location. If you are purchasing a location, now would be the time to close and take possession. Our team will provide you with detailed specifications on showroom layout, FF&E requirements, beginning inventory standards, and our Operations Manual. We will work with you step by step through this process.

STEP 9: Open your FLO Grills Store

On your opening day, we will have spent a lot of time together to make certain every aspect of your new FLO Grills Store is just right...and our team we will be there to make certain the doors open on that 1st day and we’ll work right alongside your crew to “get it right” from day one.




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